CILA works with clients on a one on one basis to determine their needs. We look at what clients are currently doing, and come up with strategies to implement.



CILA meets with clients to discuss their current marketing, outreach, and needs. This part of the process is collaborative. We will exchange ideas, and this will become the starting point where CILA gains a sense of what our client needs.



This is the part of the process where CILA gathers all the information discussed and designs a road map to meet our client’s needs and expectations. What has worked for the client in the past, what they feel needs to be addressed, or what is it they want for their career or business. Whether its bookings, business opportunities, or raised visibility in the marketplace. CILA will meet with the client to review this map and share the intended solution.



CILA will map out how we intend to meet the needs of the client. CILA will begin to implement the strategies at the start of the process. At the middle point of the campaign, we will review progress and strategies, and then gauge as we move towards the end of your campaign/project.