Tu Voz con Christina

CILA met Christina Luna during Shawnee Riverfest 3 years ago.  It was during this event she knew she wanted to work with CILA.  CILA's mission was to transition Christina from her college WESS Radio Show to a commercial station here in the Poconos.  Within months of meeting, CILA had secured me ..  read more »

The Pocono Great Talent Event

An event aimed to support The Fine Arts Discovery Series, whos mission is keeping the arts alive and the Sherman Theater accesible to the community. 25 Acts compete at this talent competition, for the grand prize of $1000 and more. This events highlights the amazing talent that lies within the Pocon ..  read more »

Shawnee Riverfest

A free community event, aimed to bring the community together to raise funds for an incredible organization vital in our community - Pocono Alliance. International, National and Local actus unite to support our community.

Charmed Life

Charmed Life, is a beautiful documentary about "Sweetie", one of NY Premier Drag performers, and friends as they talk life, love and the many misconceptions that these artists face. This revealing documentary show the behind the scenes of these performers, revealing a side never seen before. CILA l ..  read more »

Brandon Maddox

CILA llc went on to Executive Produce 2 of Brandon Maddox’s debut videos "You Get Me That Way" and the hit "Picture Perfect". "Picture Perfect" went on to become a number one single on the country charts. (Seen below) CILA also just completed "Only God Knows", a beautiful ballad sung by Brando ..  read more »

Minnie Dee

Within 1 year of Minnie Dee signing with CILA llc Management, CILA was able to procure an opportunity for Minnie Dee. Minnie Dee went on to sign a 4 year licensing deal for her song "Believe".

Bobby Syvarth

CILA llc has also recently put the final touches on "California", Bobby’s new single and video from his yet to be title, forth coming CD. CILA llc Executive produced both the single, and the video, along with Timothy Carbone of Railroad Earth as Producer, Jessica Young (Sound City) as Videographe ..  read more »