"Gil Coronado, is a person that makes things happen at CILA! He does a wonderful job and is focused on building careers in the music business and on whatever task he is trying to accomplish! He's a go getter and makes it happen!"
Service Category: Music Manager
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

- Brandon Maddox

"Well as an artist, it's rare to find someone who is truly committed to having your best interest in mind. I am very excited and thankful to Gil Coronado and CILA Management for their ability to listen to my ideas as an artist. As I get ready to debut my new CD, I am looking forward to the future, and confident in CiLA's commitment and professionalism."

- Hunter Monroe (Singer, Songwriter)

"CILA llc, Management is a great company to jump start growth within your career. Since I started working with CILA llc, Management I have obtained nothing but success and immediate exposure. Not only have I had many positive experiences and opportunities, but I truly believe I am part of a family... the CILA Family. I would recommend them to anyone starting out, or looking to pursue a dream. This is a great establishment with good natured people running the show. I am so happy I decided to work with this management tteam. I simply do not regret it!"

- Amanda Kohberger (Model, Actor)

"Thank You Gil and CILA llc, Management, your sincere intense efforts has transformed my life and career in less than 1 month....I am still gasping for air from the speed, efficiency, and professionalism of your organization."

- Dale Stephens (Recording Artist)

"We recently signed on with CILA publicity, and are pleased with their ability to secure both radio and print media for our band The Trapps. They have been able to secure needed publicity for the band, especially when looking to break new markets. There is rarely a day when I don't have the chance to speak with Gil Coronado, the company's president, about what he is doing for us, how he is doing and why he is doing it. That type of communication is rare in this industry. I am sure they are going to do very good things for this band as we get set to release and promote our 3rd album."

- Sean Schenker, lead vocalist/songwwriter for The Trapps

"Two words: Personal Attention. With CILA I have a company aggressively working at sculpting my career. It is often very easy to feel like another brick in the wall with big agencies in the city. Having CILA manage my career and listen to my ideas has been a luxury. Who knows an artist's capabilities better than the artist themselves? From my experience this has been CILA'S treatment"

- David Bowden

"Gil's belief in and commitment to his clients is extrordinary."

- Kat Delaney

"It's a great feeling being secure that CILA has my best interest all the time. I am more than just a face. I am valued as a person and artist. That's rare."

- Sweetie